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LASIK: Laser Vision Correction


Dr. Oosterbaan performs all pre and post operation examinations and treatments. He has a partnership with the Mann Eye Institute of Austin to perform surgery. By doing this, we save the patient money and they have the added convenience of reduced trips to Austin. In most cases only one trip to Austin is necessary and that is for the surgery itself.

iLASIK combines the accuracy of the Excimer laser with the quick healing characteristics of a Femtosecond created flap. Using a Femtosecond laser, a thin, protective flap of corneal tissue, attached by a hinge on one side, is folded back so the inner tissue of the cornea (stroma) can be treated with the excimer laser.

After the tissue is reshaped, the corneal flap is folded back over the treated area where it bonds securely, without the need for stitches. With less surface area to heal, iLASIK patients recover very quickly and most experience little, if any, discomfort. Functional vision returns very rapidly, with the majority of patients seeing 20/20 the next day. Because of its exceptional results, this is the only laser and procedure that is approved for NASA astronauts.

To be a good candidate for LASIK, the cornea must have sufficient thickness to allow for the flap to be made with the laser and still have enough tissue under the flap to allow for the proper amount of tissue to be removed. If a patient's cornea is to thin, if their pupil dilates beyond the treatment zone at night, or if they have severe dry eyes, other forms of refractive surgery may be an option.

Since only the edge around the corneal flap needs to heal, visual recovery is rapid and patients report little or no post-operative pain. Additionally, there is less risk of scarring or developing corneal haze. There is also less need for post-operative medication with LASIK than PRK.

Dr. Oosterbaan only offers advanced blade-free custom vision correction. This is an all laser procedure that corrects specific imperfections that are unique to your eye. These procedures have been shown to increase fighter pilot performance, and everyday night vision. The only two procedures offered by Dr. Oosterbaan and Dr. Barker, are also the only 2 approved procedures for our fighter pilots in all branches of the military. Now that this technology is available to the public, Dr. Oosterbaan believes that every one of his patient deserves the world best technology and vision.

For more information on Laser Refractive Surgery, check out the Mann Eye Laser Institute website at

Patient Testimonial:

There is no way to adequately describe how AMAZING it is to be able to see
SO CLEARLY without wearing glasses, or contacts. To open your eyes and immediately see? I never thought that would be a possibility for me. It's not only convenient, but extremely awesome to be seeing so well!  Dr. Mann and his staff are incredible, efficient, professional and kind. It was a great experience and
I would recommend EVERYONE to them.
- Jess Bibb

Mann Eye Lasik Center

We are proud to partner with the
Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center in Austin, TX.

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