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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old do you have to be to wear contacts?
     Any age can be done if need be, however, typically, 9 years old is a slam dunk.
Q. How do I know if my child is ready for contacts?
     If they are motivated, they are probably ready.
Q. I don’t think my child is responsible enough for contacts. He/she can’t even remember to brush his/her teeth!
     It’s Ok. Most lenses we do now are thrown out daily or monthy and are easy to care for and keep track of.
Q. If I get my child contacts, does he/she have to also have glasses?
     You should always maintain a pair or backup glasses to prevent over wear of the contacts and to fall back on.
Q. Can I sleep in contacts?
    This is generally not a good idea. You are 8-10 times more likely to have serious comnplications if you do so.
Q. Can I swim in contacts?
    Yes, but you might lose them. So wear goggles and remove the lenses immediately after to prevent infection.
Q. My daughter wants nonprescription colored contacts. Cant she just get them over the internet without an exam?
    Contact lenses are prescription devices. Therefore they require an exam to prevent blindness from infections.
Q. Does my child need to wear sunglasses or are they simply a fashion statement?
    We do 80% of the damage to our eyes before we are 18 years old. Yes you need to wear sunglasses when you are young.
Q. I bought my child a pair of $10 sunglasses from the discount store, isn’t this good enough?
    No. Cheap sunglasses will make pupils large but often not protect, thus doing more harm than good.
Q. How much do contacts cost?
    After paying a fitting fee and purchasing the contacts, the cost is about the same or less than eyeglasses in most cases.
Q. Does insurance pay for the exam or contacts?
    Some do, it just depends on your particular insurance.

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