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A poem from a happy patient

At Eye Country lots of our patients leave happy.  No one has ever written us a poem, until now...

Eye Country - A Site for Wise Eyes

Remember your peepers are long-term keepers and this is what we all should do. Make the decision to protect our vision and the Eye Country Team is here for you.

We only have one pair so we better take care and see that they last till the end. Treat them right and you’ll have good sight and they will be your very best friend.

If you like to hunt deer, you need to see clear when antlers appear in your sights. You need good vision for that shot of precision that brings you sheer-deer delight.

If you’re not 20-20 there are options a plenty from contacts to regular specs.  My favorite pair was showing some wear so I took them to Cindy, a super spec tech.

As I recall, she did a complete overhaul, pleasing customers, she really tries.  They now look good and work like they should, Eye Country is truly a site for wise eyes.

Eye Country Poem 1